Info / CV
31 Mai 2018

“Alexander Binder sits slightly outside of mainstream contemporary photography. His beautiful and raw photographs offer an insight into the world of a lone wolf wandering through forests and deserted landscapes, searching for the otherworldly.” (PAPER JOURNAL)

Stuttgart-based Alexander Binder was born 1976 in Germany’s Black Forest area; he’s a self-taught photographer without any kind of formal art education. Staring at creation through vintage lenses, prisms and optical toys, he invites the viewer to a psychedelic trip in a universe full of contrasts: color photographs hit on dense black and white works, life and death, beauty and ugliness collide.

Alexander’s images were featured in VICE, LODOWN, SLEEK, TUSH, TWIN, GUP, BLOW Photo, China National Image, Fotografia, and many more. Besides being exhibited internationally, his works have been published in photo books and monographs by Yard Press, Morel Books, Tangerine Press, Lugemik, Centipede Press and Laurence King Publishing.

The books can be found in the collections of the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, National Art Library, British Library, Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, The PhotoIreland Foundation Collection and the Médiathèque André-Malraux de Strasbourg.

For inquiries please contact:
Instagram: @zauberey
Facebook: alexander.binder

Selected Exhibitions

2019 META, Space Place, Nizhny Tagil, Ural, Russia
2018 Talisman, Aesthetik01, Berlin, Germany
2017 Kristall ohne Liebe, Aesthetik01, Berlin, Germany
2016 Kristall ohne Liebe, Oberwelt, Stuttgart, Germany
2014 Nur Bilder – keine Wirklichkeit, Hermann Hesse Museum, Calw, Germany
2013 Das Innere, Lookout Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2012 Golgatha, Galerie Nowhere, Montréal, Canada
2011 Stuotengarten, Schauraum Waschstrasse, Stuttgart, Germany
2010 Äon, GEZ Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany

2019 Wort im Bild Award, 43. German Language Literature Festival, Klagenfurt, Austria
2018 Hunger, Photographic Museum of Humanity,, Online Show
2018 TALISMAN at Screen 2018 / La Nuu Festival de Fotografía, Barcelona
2014 Group Show No. 57 “New Psychedelics”, Humble Arts Foundation, Online Show
2017 The Bridge, Galerie KUB, Leipzig, Germany
2017 Mercado Negro, Club Social De Artistas, Santiago de Chile, Chile
2016 A Great Sum (In Parts), Osnova Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2014 Group Show No. 42 “Occultisms”, Humble Arts Foundation, Online Show
2013 ICP TRIENNAL, International Center of Photography, New York, USA
2013 Sraunus Cardiff, Diffusion Festival 2013, Cardiff, Wales
2012 Where does time go, PH Space/The Newbridge Project, Newcastle, UK
2012 Dream Divers, Lookout Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2012 The Wild & The Innocent, Clic Gallery, New York, USA
2012 Black Thorns in the White Cube, Western Exhibitions, Chicago, USA
2011 Dreamcatcher, Feinkunst Krüger, curated by Till Gerhard, Hamburg, Germany
2011 Altar, Belfast Platform for the Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland
2011 Black Mass, Locatiez – Villa Ockenburgh, The Hague, Netherlands
2011 Sunny Side Up, Margate Photo Festival, Margate, UK
2011 Kłusownicy, Galeria Miejska Arsenał, Poznań, Poland
2011 Nofound to New Documents, Viktor Wynd Fine Art, London, UK
2010 Raven Rainbow, Krowswork Gallery, Oakland, USA
2010 Ace of Spades, Sugar, New York, USA
2010 New Work New York, Levi’s Photo Workshop, New York, USA
2010 Get well soon, 107 Shaw Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2010 Natural Causes, Rule Gallery, Denver, USA
2009 You Can’t Always Get What You Want, The Printspace, London, UK
2009 Turbochainsaw, Le Petit Mignon, Berlin, Germany
2009 I Don’t Believe in Miracles, Space Womb, New York, USA
2008 Unseen, Backlit Gallery, Nottingham, UK
2008 Book is a Book Drawings by Number, Galerie Lendroit, Rennes, France
2008 Means to an End, Heaven Gallery, Chicago, USA

2019 Hunger & ‘Hunger Artist’, VOID, Athens
2019 GLOSSOLALIA, Sorcery Press, London
2017 Untitled / Alexander Binder, YARD PRESS, Rome (Monograph)
2017 The Book of Black, Laurence King, London
2017 Too Good To Be Photographed, Lugemik Publishing, Tallinn
2016 LUX, Archeology of Photography Foundation, Warsaw
2015 Kristall ohne Liebe, Tangerine Press, London (Monograph)
2014 Rouge Gorge, 10 Ans de Dessin, H’Artpon Editions, Paris
2013 Das Innere, Exhibition Catalogue, Lookout Gallery, Warsaw (Monograph)
2013 The New Collectors Book, Basak Malone LLC, New York
2013 PANACEA, BIT BY ZEUS, Oakland
2012 WUD, Tangerine Press, London
2012 Golgatha, Blackdotpress, Montréal (Monograph)
2012 20 NOW: Contemporary Photographers, Cite Publishing, Taiwan
2011 Allerseelen, Morelbooks, London (Monograph)
2011 Psychic, Blood of the Young, Toronto (Monograph)
2011 Weird Fiction Review, Centipede Press, Lakewood
2011 Stuotengarten, Edition Randgruppe, Stuttgart (Monograph)
2011 Dark Matter/Dunkle Materie, published by Terence Hannum, Baltimore
2011 JET LAG #2 ANGST, LENDROIT Éditions, Rennes (Monograph)
2010 Morgenstern, Café Royal Books, Southport (Monograph)
2010 Phobos, Kaugummi Books, Rennes (Monograph)
2010 Niflheim, Café Royal Books, Southport (Monograph)
2009 Traum, self-published, Stuttgart
2009 Maleficium, self-published, Stuttgart
2009 Phosphoros, self-published, Stuttgart
2008 Infestation, Morelbooks, London (Monograph)

Selected interviews and articles about Alexander Binder + projects for magazines
2019 TWIN Magazine, A Glimpse Into The Bardo, Jordan Anderson (online)
2019 Przekrój, Kryształ bez miłości, Tomasz Wichrowski (online)
2019 British Journal of Photography, Q&A: Void’s Hunger project, Marigold Warner (online)
2019 BISS, Das Sterben ist ein Grenzgebiet, Elisa Holz, Munich
2017 Yogurt Magazine, „Daemon subterraneus“, Larisa Oancea (online)
2017 The Guardian, Stags, zombies and grindcore: the new wave of gothic art (online)
2017 BLOW Photo, Abstract / Issue 15, Monika Chmielarz, Dublin
2017 The Mockingbird, Love & Death Issue, Margaret Pope, Charlottesville
2017 Knack Magazine, Alexander Binder, Andrea Catalina Vaca (online)
2017 Fruitlands Zine, Dark / Issue 3, Patience Harding, London
2017 TISSUE, Alexander Binder – Kristall ohne Liebe (online)
2017 MONOPOL, Alexander Binder in Berlin (online)
2016 DUMMY Magazin, Mach bitte das Licht aus, Carmen Brunner, Berlin
2016 BKN Magazine, Sator Arepo, William Esdale, London
2016 Fragmente, Die Unumgänglichkeit der Vergänglichkeit, Morgenbesser (online)
2016 Estrellita Mia, Alexander Binder, Leonardo Casas, Santiago de Chile
2016 PAN Magazine, Alexander Binder, Junpei Inoue, New York
2016, ЧАСТИ ЦЕЛОГО, Yulia Spiridonova (online)
2016 A Course In Dying, Interview – Alexander Binder, Claudia Crobatia (online)
2016 SMBH, Love’s Damnation, Barry W. Hughes (online)
2016 Nuits et Noirs, Sacred Language, Max Kuiper (online)
2015 VICE Magazine, An Excerpt from Psychedelic Narratives, Bayley, London
2015 LODOWN, Bewitched Lensmanship, Renko Heuer, Berlin
2015 Flofferz, Neverland, Ramata Coulibaly, Paris
2015 ASX, The Prism of Photographic Mysticism, Brad Feuerhelm (online)
2015 HAFNY.ORG, Binder’s Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Jon Feinstein (online)
2014, A Halloween Special, Zak Dimitrov (online)
2014 YET Magazine, Das Innere, Salvatore Vitale, Lugano
2014, Interview: Alexander Binder, Antone Dolezal (online)
2014 Schwarzwälder Bote, Konturen verschwimmen schemenhaft, Bausch, Oberndorf
2014 Bozzetto – Zeitschrift für Kunst und Kultur, Gift, Isabel Krek, Zurich
2014 & Magazine, Supernatural, Maya Kashevitz, Netanya
2013 CONVEYOR, Just ramble and think about Ghosts, Dominica Paige, New York
2013 DAZED&CONFUSED, Photobook of the Month, Stewart Hammond, London
2013 VICE.COM, The Underworld and Inners of Alexander Binder, Nadja Sayej (online)
2013 FLAG, Interview with Alexander Binder, Aaron Kalitzki, Düsseldorf
2013, Surreal. Kitschy. Chaotic., Kai Behrmann (online)
2013 HELVETE, The night is no longer dead, Amelia Ishmael, New York
2012 CHINA NATIONAL IMAGE, Alexander Binder, SunYanChu, Zhengzhou
2012 SLEEK, Make believe, Amy Binding, Berlin
2012 TUSH, Purple Maze, Oliver Simmet, Hamburg
2012 OX Fanzine, Vaura Selenelion Review, Markus Kolodziej, Solingen
2012 Super Paper, Cover, Hubertus Becker, Munich
2012 Fotografia, POŁAWIACZE SNóW/DREAM DIVERS, Magdalena Komborska, Wrzesnia
2012 Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, Die ganze Palette, Aicha Reguieg, Munich
2012 ED-ZINE, Cryptoglyphic Runestream, Ben Robinson, London
2011 GUP Magazine, Allerseelen, Erik Vroons, Amsterdam
2011 VICE Magazine, Dark Pilgrimage, Barbara Dabrowska, Berlin
2011 TWIN Magazine, Alexander Binder curates, Francesca Gavin, London
2011 Under Current, Alexander Binder & Tereza Zelenkova, William Alderwick, London
2011 LOTTO, Gnosis, Matthias Straub, Stuttgart
2011 JPeople Magazine, Alexander Binder, Nina Byttebier, Berlin
2011 VICE Magazine, Rosemary’s Babies, Tom Littlewood, Berlin
2011, In Focus: Rainbows, Jessie Wender (online)
2011 Art Ltd., Raven Rainbow, Barbara Morris (online)
2011 Fotografia, Bajki dla doroslych, Kuba Ryniewicz, Wrzesnia
2011 Kinki Magazine, Des Menschen Werk oder Teufels Beitrag, Nadja Abanin, Zurich
2011 SSE Project Magazine, The End of the World, Ga-Young Park, Seoul
2011 Cousine Corinne, Between World, Courtney Wade, New York
2011 Offset Magazine, Interview with Alexander Binder, Tobias Hahn, Cologne
2011 Novembre Magazine, The Mickey Rourke of Poetry, Jeanne-Salomé
2010 Punkt Magazine, Traume II, Kuba Bak, Poznań
2010 Juke Magazine, The Hook, Yassa Khan, London
2010, The Dark Hour: Alexander Binder, Garrett Faber (online)
2010 The New Tough Magazine, Optical Phenomena, Robin Black, Los Angeles
2010 Licht Magazin, Fehler, Max Grieb, Nürnberg
2010 Lomography Magazine, Master of the Macabre, Ron Cruz (online)
2010 Trendhunter Magazine, Macabre photography, Tiana Reid (online)
2010 Analogues, Identity Lab / L’Evadée / n°243, Gwénola Menou, Arles
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2010 N-Sphere Magazine, A silent hideout at the end of the world, Diana Daia (online)
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2010 Revel in New York, Interview with Artist Alexander Binder, Marc Santo (online)
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2009 VICE Magazine ‘The Photo Issue 2009’, Maleficium, Tim Barber, New York
2009 Eves Magazine, Alexander Binder – La Foresta Nera, F. Lietzmann & C. Bignotti, Genoa
2009 U_Mag, Walk in Silence, Romeu Silveira (online)
2009 Paraty em Foco Festival Brazil, 5 perguntas para Alexander Binder, I. Aronovich, Paraty
2009 HUH Magazine, HUH Photography Feature, Jonnie Craig (online)
2009 Fjord Photo, Fjord Artists‘ Space Interview, Veronica Rafael (online)
2009 Romka, Ultrawald, Joscha Bruckert, Dortmund
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2008 Wassenaar Magazine, -26,8 mag, Noel Rodo-Vankeulen, Brampton/Canada
2008 Book is a drawing by Numbers/Exhibit.-Cat., Bible, Mathieu Renard